Doc Ritezel

Doc Ritezel, CEO + Co-Founder

E T @ohrite

As CEO, Doc sets the strategic direction for Ministry of Velocity's operations. He has been involved with nearly every aspect of modern software development for over 15 years; from operating system kernels to database storage backends, from HTTP parsers to distributed systems design, from W3C specifications to large-scale CSS organization. In his free time, Doc loves spinning a globe and flying to wherever his finger lands.

Rob Head

Rob Head, Consultant

E T @roberthead

Robert Head revels in spreading the joys of agile collaboration, remote pair programming, and humane, effective development processes. He's based in the little mountain town of Ashland, Oregon, midway between Seattle and San Francisco. When he's not coding, he creates ephemeral aesthetic artifacts such as music and choreography.

CJ Bryan

CJ Bryan, Consultant

E T @waltz

CJ is a software developer who loves working at the intersection of software and people. He is dedicated to helping teams realize their full potential through pairing, testing, and communicating. When he's not building sustainable software, you can find him in his metal shop welding bicycles.

Damien Burke

Damien Burke, Consultant

E T @exmember

Damien has been working in web technologies for approximately two decades and is a veteran of over a half-dozen startups. He holds a degree in computer science from the MIT, but attributes his most important skills as an engineer to his experience and training as poker player, actor, and hypnotist. When he is not building software and software teams he keeps busy doing things he doesn't know how to do.

Jeff Parr

Jeff Parr, Consultant

E T @_JeffParr

With over 15 years as a consultant, Jeff enjoys the intersection of people and technology. He is a strong advocate for a user-centric approach and is driven to identify and fulfill unmet needs. An enthusiastic spirit with a playful mind, he spends his offscreen time dancing and riding horses and exploring the world with his daughter.

Jim Haungs

Jim Haungs, Consultant Emeritus

Kane Baccigalupi

Kane Baccigalupi, Consultant Emeritus

T @rubyghetto

Kane Baccigalupi has been building technology-based startups since 2005. She has held a variety of roles from Founder/CTO to Agile Development Consultant. Before working in the startup world, she did engineering work on the LHC.